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 Inferno Unit 106

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PostSubject: Inferno Unit 106   Inferno Unit 106 EmptyTue Oct 04, 2011 12:22 am

**A.R.M.S. Project**
**(Artificial-Intelligence Robotic Military Soldier)**

Unit Number: 106

Registration Number: RA10813170

Unit Class: Inferno

Development Stage: Prototype

Offensive Capabilities: Fire-based Ranged Projectiles, QCQ Basics

Defensive Capabilities: Light Plated Armor (may be possible to upgrade in the future)

Power Source: Miniaturized Fusion Reactor

Status: Offline/Unsuitable For Active Duty

Official Notes: Unit 106 remains offline due to the design flaw in the containment shielding of its fusion reactor. Hazardous thermal radiation emanates in all direction from the Unit which causes immediate First to Second Degree burns when in close proximity to the android. Long-term exposure has been deemed fatal. The design flaw was not discovered until the software installation process was already underway. The Unit’s learning software and personality profile has been completely installed. However, we were unable to install its combat and weapons systems software completely. We were also unable to begin installing any historical or military intelligence information. At this time, the R&D team is working on a way to repair the design flaw. However, if they are unable to produce a cost-efficient plan, it is likely that this model’s production will be discontinued.

Personal Notes: I am not looking forward to working on a 107th prototype. The General has fought with me every step of the way, and with every model we come up with. I’m starting to believe this whole Inferno Unit project is a waste of time and resources. My only hope is that the General at least considers allowing the 106 prototype to come back online for a proper field test while we work on the containment issue. It’s not safe to be near it, so software installation is out of the question. However, the learning software should allow the android to assimilate any and all information provided to it. If we can’t install what we need it to know, then it can learn whatever we tell it. Until then, it remains in storage, offline and safe where no one can be harmed by the thermal radiation. I just pray that we don’t lose this war before the General has a chance to make up his mind.

**File Updated & Saved**
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Inferno Unit 106
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