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 Story of the Hidden Temple

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Story of the Hidden Temple Empty
PostSubject: Story of the Hidden Temple   Story of the Hidden Temple EmptyThu Oct 04, 2012 12:34 am

Hundreds of years ago, a man wandered into the mountains. A man of faith – not of one deity or demigod, but simply a man of belief. A vision brought him through the foothills and over the shale, through rain and into snow, and deep into the mountains. Finally, after months trecking through the hills, valleys, crevases, and cliffs he reached the site within his vision. The saint stood in a small clearing covered in moss that seemed to have been untouched by the climate surrounding it. This clearing stood on an overlook hundreds of feet above a small valley rich with trees and grasses. The man wandered back down the mountain and into society, gathering other people of faith that would be willing to help him fullfil his vision.

Dozens of people followed this saint into the Breach purely based on his words, and yet still they did follow. When they arrived in the clearing, they were told the plan: the trees would provide the foundation and structure for their home, while the flora, stone and clay would give them protection from the weather. Carefully scaling down the cliffside, the followers fell the trees and swept the land to gather their supplies. Slowly but surely they carved the stone to create their foundation that would eventually be the base for their structure. Many months of sweat and faith gave the people the hope that all of their hardwork and loss would pay off, in the end.

And it did.

After more than a year since the saint first set off on his discovery, now a temple of white and red stood in the very spot where he had invisioned. By this time, the people who had followed this man into the mountains had continued or even started families and this place had become their home. They were welcomed with open arms and the saint welcomed all. He left this place in the careful hands of its inhabitance and went on his next journey, but in the meantime many would come and go along their journies.

Ultimately, this friendliness would be the temples downfall. For, after standing for generations with the inhabitance continuing the phylosophies and beliefs of the saint, a new breed of traveler would arrive and be welcomed with open arms. A race of reptilian men crawled their way from the mountains, through the revines and up the cliffs, walking up the 99 steps and to the gates of the temple. Those who welcomed them did not find warth and love within their hearts, but steel and iron. With a bloody swoop of the sword, the lizardmen stole the land from the monks and became the new residents of the temple. However not being a dumb race, as well as a rather greedy one, they decided to keep up appearances of the friendly open arms that the former people had been known for, so that a decent flow of travelers would find themselves in the clutches of the clan. Unfortunately for them (though lucky enough for the rest of the adventurers wanting to find riches within the Breach) the first man to escape the claws of the lizards made his to the nearest city to warn the rest of the nation.

Instead of taking a group of villagers with pitchforks and torches to burn down the temple, they felt that the grounds should be left alone in the hopes that nature would take its course, and eventually they would return to their holy beginnings. Therefore, a wall was built at the beginning of the road leading up to the temple, guarded by four strong men of stone. This layer of protection would be erected to ward off travelers who might think it wise to test the lizardmen. From that point on, the temple would be left alone to wither until it could be reborn as the beacon with the Breach that it once was.
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Story of the Hidden Temple
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