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 Session 5: The Hidden Camps

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Session 5:  The Hidden Camps Empty
PostSubject: Session 5: The Hidden Camps   Session 5:  The Hidden Camps EmptyFri Jun 17, 2011 10:53 am

An excerpt from a journal found within the Library...

It had been nearly five years since the development of Amberstone, and it's eventual spread throughout the Shimmering Ridge. In that five years, there has been relative peace in the area laying north of the Demonweb Crater (home of the dark elves) and south of the Blood Fields (territory to the Bloodclaw hobgoblin clan); however, the people of Amberstone have become weary of this peace and illcontent with simply waiting for it to end.

It took nearly three years, but the Drow encampment that has been the communication line between the elves and the hobgoblins has been located. Captain Letoshek, along with the assistance of the mercenary leader Bryman Gobra, put together a group of seasoned warriors. They head out north in order to break the contact the hobgoblins have with the Drow, hopefully causing them to break their bonds and release the pressure of invasion on the alliances.

Several days passed and many fell to the elements as they finally reached their destination; a snow-covered pass in the hillsides that housed an empty camp, long ago abandoned. Eventually a cave system was discovered and the group began to scout ahead, believing that the elves would have taken up refuge in these underground areas during the colder seasons. After splitting several times, dwindling the groups from a solid 40 into a tight five members. One group was lucky enough to come across a hidden doorway that could possibly lead to the final resting spot of their enemy.

However, these doors did not turn out to be as simple as they appeared. After a trapped doorway caused a tunnel collapse and the death of their alchemist, they still soldiered on and discovered a second entrance that lead into the hold. It was here that they began their cautious travel down the corridors lined with pitted traps and confusing puzzles, leading them throughout the mazed threshold.
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Session 5: The Hidden Camps
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