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 Hidden Blade

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PostSubject: Hidden Blade   Hidden Blade EmptyTue Feb 08, 2011 2:09 pm

The Hidden Blade is made up of a wrist holster and a spring propelled blade. As a Minor Action a blade is sprung forward, revealing itself from beneath the wrist. Keeping the blade drawn takes a Minor Action or else it will withdraw back into the gauntlet. For the sake of Weapon Proficiency, it is treated as a punching dagger with a locking gauntlet.

A Hidden Blade counts as a concealed weapons when not drawn, but may be noticed by succeeding at a Search check verses the player's Slight of Hand, which has a +2 Bonus. A Death Attack may be attempted using the Hidden Blade by studying the target for just one round (as apposed to the normal 3), though taking -4 to their Attack roll.

Exotic One-Handed Melee
Critical x3
Range 5'
Damage 1d4
Weight 1lb
Cost 20 gold
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Hidden Blade
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