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 Week 8B - Finally in the city

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Week 8B - Finally in the city Empty
PostSubject: Week 8B - Finally in the city   Week 8B - Finally in the city EmptySun Feb 19, 2012 3:58 pm

General T’Roliin,

What I warned about has indeed happened. I followed the group into the tunnel and, within the first hour, the first car exploded into a ball of flame throwing the android and the clothed rock lady into the cement divider. After a few seconds the trap was fully sprung. Three hoop warriors jumped off the top of a tractor trailer truck, bringing their axes to bear on the group. After a few more cars exploded, the hoop warchief appeared on top of the truck, using his grenade launcher to cause havoc on the battlefield. The hoops were the ones that had the biggest surprise though. The group started cutting them to pieces. Then suddenly only the warchief, one warrior, and the felinoid remained. Literally. I do not know what happened but one moment they were there, the next they were gone. Since the felinoid was left alone against two enemies, he did the smart thing and ran. The warchief took after him but could not match the cat’s great speed. The single warrior left was badly wounded and was not able to keep up with the warchief. He fell dead as soon as the warchief was out of sight. After killing the warrior, I headed after the cat as well. By the time I caught up to the warchief, he was hiding in the shadows watching the group taking a quick rest around the now deceased Orlen. The warchief thought the better of taking on this obviously well armed group solo, and turned around to head back down the tunnel. I let him get far enough away that no one would hear, and put my knife into his neck. My caution was not needed, he never made a sound.

After their short break, the group continued their trek down the tunnel. Roughly 3 hours later, the remaining twin saw the end of the tunnel and immediately ran towards it, completely disregarding the warning cries of the rest of the group. I followed the remaining members out of the tunnel and flew up into an open window of the nearest building before they could see me. The android appeared to know exactly where to go, because through all the turns he never slowed and within 20 minutes they arrived at the correct building. They walked around the building and rested until sunset. Apparently they figured out the clues. Once the sun hit the roof of the building and the panel appeared, the clothed rock lady ran up and quickly punched in the code. The door opened and closed in rapid succession several times until the twin yelled out something to her. Whatever it was that he yelled out, worked. The door opened and stayed open. The group entered the building leaving the twin outside. The door closed behind them, then suddenly the twin seemed to phase through the door.

Per your orders, this is as far as I go. I believe this group will succeed. I will be back at base shortly.

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Week 8B - Finally in the city
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